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695 West Agate Avenue
Granby, CO, 80446
United States


Since day one, it has always been the goal at Gennie Shifter to provide you with choices and quality. We know that freedom is what you want when you've got a shifter in your hand, and your foot on the gas pedal. For this reason, we design all of our compatible components to make it easy and fun!


Todd Gold, President. Back in his demolition derby days.

Todd Gold, President. Back in his demolition derby days.

The original and still the best!

The goal of Gennie Shifter has always been to provide the very finest and most innovative, Street Rod, Hot Rod, and Kustom Car products available. In the 80’s Tom Phipps began to look for a solution to his own need of an original looking, old car floor shift to control a modern automatic transmission. Several prototypes were developed, and thankfully, were greatly refined to the predecessor of what is today’s Gennie Shifter. He began the process of innovating new solutions to the common car builder’s needs, with e-brake solutions, including the original cut-2-fit brake cables, the finest spoon throttles, and throttle cables. While always on the leading edge of innovation Tom began to look for a new owner, and in Denver, Colorado, he found his answer. 

The acquisition and the move to Denver created a big stir in the small community of Street Rodder’s across the industry…

Who is this guy Todd and where did he come from?

The answer is pretty simple. I am a guy that grew up in a small mountain community (yes we had electricity, and indoor plumbing) and became passionate about all things mechanical. Growing up in this small mountain town, trucks that were able to go anywhere were the overriding passion. 4 wheel drive, lift kits, killer sized wheels and tires, plus the horsepower required to make them fly became an absolute must have. Of course the draw of the local demolition derby could not be ignored. They were a highlight of my youth, and thankfully, survived. 

The die was cast, and I was totally infected with the hot rod affliction that drives us all in the performance community. Time was spent bending wrenches for dealerships, chains, and independent garages before starting my own restoration and hot rod shop. Having completed many builds of my own, as well as for customers, led me to believe in Gennie Shifter and its great line of products. When the opportunity to purchase Gennie Shifter presented itself, I knew immediately it was the right move. 

The last few years have been difficult, to say the least, but like the demolition derby’s of my youth, they too have been survived. 

Thank you for choosing American made products and for making Gennie Shifter your vendor of choice.

-Todd Gold