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Since day one, it has always been the goal at Gennie Shifter to provide you with choices and quality. We know that freedom is what you want when you've got a shifter in your hand, and your foot on the gas pedal. For this reason, we design all of our compatible components to make it easy and fun!




Q: How do I secure my Transmissions Dipstick?

A: When installing Gennie Shifter’s Dipsticks use automotive silicon around the O-ring at the base of the Dipstick Tube for a more secure seal.


Q: Which E-brake Cable Kit do I need?

A: For Standard Rear Ends the UN2 and GS2 Brake Cables provide everything you need from the Brake Handle to the Brakes. UN1 and GS1 Cable Kits work for Jag Rear Ends. The FF-1 Cable Kit connects the under the dash pull-style Brake Handles to our two Cable Kits. GS1 and GS2 Kits work with the Gennie Shifter upright brakes while the UN1 and UN2 Kits are a universal application.

Q: I am using Disc Brakes. Which Clevis Kit do I need?

A: Gennie Shifter offers several Clevis Kits that can accommodate most disc brake applications. For Lincoln Rear Ends we have the 5/16” inch Clevis Kit, for Wilwood Caliper-style Emergency Brakes the ¼” inch clevis is used, for the Wilwood External Drum Brakes use Gennie Shifter’s EXP Clevis. For Corvette Rear Ends use the Corvette Clevis Kit.


Q: Do I have to use a Gennie Shifter stick with Lo-Stik™?

A: No, Gennie’s Lo-Stik™ offers safety and reliablility with its side detent gate system and built in neutral safety switch, even when you build your own stick or modify an existing one.

Q: How do I attach my shifter handle to the Lo-Stik?

A: The Lo-Stik™ is made of 303 Stainless Steel, therefore you can weld yours or drill and set screw it to the machined surface. The Lo-Stik™ must be removed from the T-Tube prior to any welding, see exploded view. WARNING: Gennie Shifter is not responsible for product once it has been modified.  Buy a Gennie stick!


Q: Does the Gennie Shifter use a button?

A: No - the Gennie Shifter® has a safety lock-out system that uses a gated-shift pattern and strong spring tension to keep drivers in the proper gear. Our shift pattern locks drivers into park and locks them out of reverse and low gears. This allows Gennie Shifter® to use solid steel in our shift sticks and lets our customers use any shift knob they want to customize their ride. With fewer moving parts in the stick, there is no rattle or vibration through the solid steel shifter.

Q: How do I adjust my Gennie Shifter® so that the Shift Stick doesn’t hit the dash or the seat?

A: Each shifter is mounted to the brackets using two slotted holes beneath the gear selector plate. To adjust the shifter, simply loosen the two bracket-mounting bolts slightly, tilt the shifter forward or back, then retighten. In some cases it is recommended that a different length shift handle be used in order to avoid these problems where there is limited room.

Q: I’d like a shorter (or longer) Shift Stick for my car – do I need a new Shifter?

A: No - Gennie Shifter’s design allows for a simple replacement of our sticks. Each Gennie Shifter® Stick can be easily removed and exchanged with different lengths available from your Gennie Shifter dealer. 

Q: Do you offer a Neutral Safety Switch?

A: Every Gennie Shifter® includes a Neutral Safety Switch.

Q: My car starts in Drive, how do I adjust the Neutral Safety Switch?

A: The Neutral Safety Switch is threaded into the base of each shifter. To adjust the switch, either thread it closer to the bottom of the shift stick or space it out slightly, so that the vehicle starts only in neutral and park.

Q: I’m pulling the Transmission out of the car. Is it necessary to remove the Shifter?

A: No. Gennie Shifter® sticks are easily removable, by simply removing Roll Pin Retainer, Roll Pin and Detent Spring, the Shifter will come out of the T-tube. See diagram on page 16.

Q: What do I do if my AOD Shift Lever will not reach the provided arm?

A: Various AOD’s use a downward shift arm that needs to be removed and repositioned 180 degrees in order to work with the Gennie Shifter.


Q: Will the Gennie Shifter Throttle Pedal or Cable work with aftermarket products?

A: Yes, Gennie works with many aftermarket products because Gennie was used as a model for many other manufacturers.

Q: Will Gennie Shifter’s Brake Pedals mount to a stock clutch or brake arm?

A: Yes, Gennie uses a 1/2 - 20” stud that is compatible with most aftermarket pedal arms. LO-DAPT™

Q: Can I use a Gennie Shifter knob on an aftermarket push button style shifter?

A: Yes, Gennie offers a stainless steel adapter for your Lokar™ shifter and some OEM Push Button style shifters. PLEASE INQUIRE. 

Q: Does Gennie’s Lo-Dapt™ use any plastic?

A: No, as with all Gennie products, we use the highest quality pieces available or we manufacture them. The Lo-Dapt™ uses brass tipped black oxide set screws and is 304 Stainless Steel.