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Since day one, it has always been the goal at Gennie Shifter to provide you with choices and quality. We know that freedom is what you want when you've got a shifter in your hand, and your foot on the gas pedal. For this reason, we design all of our compatible components to make it easy and fun!

Gennie Original

Hot rod and street rod parts made  in the United States - Denver, Colorado in fact. We create the highest quality parts out there. No corners are cut, we make products that last. No chipping or flaking on chrome parts, precision machining ensures a quality build and fit every time. 


What makes Gennie Shifter so special? Where would you like us to  start?

Unlike other manufacturers of hot rod and street rod parts, we make our parts in the United States - Denver, Colorado in fact. We oversee every single step of the process to insure we are creating the highest quality parts out there. No corners are cut, we create products that are made to last. No chipping or flaking on chrome parts, precision machining ensures a quality build and fit every time. 

Not only that, we carry a complete line of products to suit your needs. From the mounting kit to the custom shift knob - we have you covered. 

Here are a few products that we are proud of and know you will see and feel the difference when you choose Gennie Shifter for your project. 

The latest in the Lo-Stik™ line blends high quality materials with dramatic and innovative looks to produce The Gennie Commander™. The Commander Series of products are made with aluminum and coupled with highly polished features. Gennie Shifter is expanding from the world of Hot Rods to muscle cars & performance. The Commander™ Series Shift Stik, Pedals & Hand Brake are a “Must Have” for any enthusiast. The Gennie Commander Stik has been featured on West Coast Customs™ in a car built for Rusty Wallace, and multiple other automotive publications. The look, the feel, the versatility - no other company competes with Gennie.


• Polished aluminum

• Shift stik available in 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch height

• New Swan double bend shift stik available in 23 inch height


• Highly polished throttle arm

• 3 positions for attaching pads


• 3 styles of brake and throttle pads; spear,

rounded & triangular


• The latest edition to the Commander™ Series

• Perfect for hot rod, muscle & performance vehicles

• Designed in a traditional style of hand brakes!

LO-STIK™ Series  


Imagine yourself driving down the road with a sleek all stainless steel Gennie Shifter. Imagine now you are at a Car Show minutes later and want to replace your S3 shifter with the “Big Stick”. You do not have to imagine, Gennie makes this switch possible with the Gennie Lo-Stik™. With the Gennie Lo-Stik™ you have the freedom to choose! The Lo-Stik is built with Gennie’s large and unique line of shift knobs in mind. With Lo-Stik it is a breeze to switch between any Gennie Shifter shift knob! 

Lo-Stik™ is available for Ford, GM and MOPAR

1) Choose a Bracket Kit for your transmission.

2) Choose the correct Lo-Stik™ assembly

3) Choose or build a shift handle

4) Choose a shift knob


• Neutral safety switch

• Delrin bushings

• Hardened Posiloc™ shift gate

• 303 Stainless, High Polished

• Precision machine fit

The side Detent!

The Gennie Shifter,® like most OEM Manufacturers, uses Side Detent. The world’s finest automobiles have shifter for automatics that use lateral action or Side Detent, to more precisely define gear selection. 

This lateral action, with it’s positive stops, virtually eliminates shifting errors that can occur with straight line button-style shifter (once the button is depressed, straight line shifter can be pushed into any gear). Side Detent also allows for silky smooth manual shifting during spirited driving.


Now that you have decided your ride deserves the best shifter on the market, (Gennie Shifter of course...). All that is left is to select the components that will make your shifter exactly what you need.

There are some things that you must know that we can't help you with but we can help you provide some guidance. What transmission are you using? Where does the shifter need to mount on the transmission? What length and shape of shift stick do you require? What knob tickles your inner designer? What boot is the best choice for your ride?

While these questions help you dial in your options they are not rocket science or even particularly hard.

What Transmission am I using? Most of us building a hot rod, street rod, muscle car, or kustom know this information as well as we know our own names.  If you are however working on someone elses ride, or build, there are several online sites (Google is your friend) that will allow you to determine the transmission by the shape of the transmission oil pan and the number of bolts holding it on. The type of transmission will be used to determine which mounting brackets and which Lo-Stick shifter assembly you need to purchase. Gennie Shifter Products manufactures two different Lo-Stick shifter assemblies one will fit all GM transmissions, and the second one fits all Ford & Mopar providing all the gates for 2 speed, 3 speed, and overdrive transmissions. You must select  a Lo-Stick that works with your transmission.

Where does the shifter (Lo-Stick Assembly) need to mount on the transmission? This will decide if the shifter will mount over the main body of the transmission, (with some adjustment fore and aft) or just behind where the tailshaft bolts to the main body case. Simply enough Gennie Shifter calls the choices Mid-Mount or Rear-Mount. Vehicles that are more "upright" Early street rods, pick-ups, 40's & 50's rides, etc. will most likely use a Mid-Mount while a "lower, longer, wider, vehicle from the 60's, 70's, and later will usually require the Rear-Mount bracket kit. You must select a shifter mount kit that fits your transmission, and where you want the shifter to mount.

What length  and shape of shift stick do you require? This is one of the choices that will convince you that Gennie Shifter is the very best shifter on the market, bar none! What length do you need? Simply measure from the case to where you would like the knob to sit in your vehicle.... Thats about all it takes, really! Gennie Shifter Products shifter sticks come in many sizes in either straight, for the shortest sticks, a single bend for most applications, and of course the elegant beauty of the double bend swan. Gennie Shifter Products round profile shifter sticks have been manufactured in stainless steel for the last 6+ years allowing the user to, if necessary, heat and bend the stick to whatever custom shape is needed, and simply re-polish the stick. No competitor can make that claim period! Gennie Shifter Products also offers that "Oh So Cool!" series of Commander Shifter Sticks. Commander Shifter Sticks use an i-beam style with polished edges and drilled holes through the blasted webbing that screams old school hot rod styling. You must select a shift stick to fit your vehicle needs.

What knob tickles your inner designer? Choosing a shift knob is perhaps the most fun and personal choice to display your tatse, or the theme for your vehicle. No silly buttons, levers, cables, or magic beans required with Gennie Shifter's side detent shift mechanism just a knob, from simple to gaudy Gennie Shifter Products has you covered. You will need to choose at least one shift knob to complete your shifter.

What boot is the best choice for your ride? Colors, trim styles, and upper trim so many choices to choose from and all you have to do is choose.  Gennie Shifter Products has many to choose from. You will need to select a boot, or have your trimmer build one to complete the install of your shifter.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page for selecting your shifter.