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695 West Agate Avenue
Granby, CO, 80446
United States


Since day one, it has always been the goal at Gennie Shifter to provide you with choices and quality. We know that freedom is what you want when you've got a shifter in your hand, and your foot on the gas pedal. For this reason, we design all of our compatible components to make it easy and fun!

Shift Knobs

Prohibition Series - Keg Knobs


Prohibition Series - Keg Knobs


Revenuers on your tale? Paying for that over the top Hot Rod build by running a little moonshine?  Beverly Hillbillys your favorite reruns? What ever your motivation the Keg Series Shift Knobs is for you. A vintage Barrel shaped Keg or its modern equivalent Drum shaped Keg both marked with the famous XXX showing the contents as grandpa's finest. Gennie Shifter Products Keg Series for those Hot Rodders with a sense of humor.


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